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financial freedom

Coaches, Creatives and Healers

Learn to improve your money mindset, gain recognition and boost your business

What is keeping me

financially stuck?

Financial *stuckness*. Every creative, coach and healer's nightmare.

Trying to feel better about money, when the reality looks bleak, drains that vital creative energy needed for new growth and happiness in life.

Many people don't realise how much their personal power is limited by their thoughts and beliefs about money.

Some people may even see a pattern in their income and outgoings but feel helpless to improve the situation.

The good news is your financial experience can be significantly changed for the better in a very short time!

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Financial Freedom programme

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  • 4 week online programme
  • 1:1 Personalised sessions
  • Reduces money stress and anxiety
  • Clears negative money beliefs
  • Changes how you think and feel about money

Financial Freedom Programme

This 4 week, one to one personalised programme is designed to cut the stress and anxiety loop that keeps you from gaining your financial freedom. It shifts limiting beliefs around money management issues and reduces the stress associated to your negative financial expectations. It promotes the formation of a healthy financial mindset so that you can improve your finances easily and effortlessly by being more insightful. Now you can learn how your attitude and money thinking affects what you have and how your can instantly create more wealth. (Easy to use techniques provided in an accompanying instructional PDF booklet.)