How often have you found yourself saying this?

You’ve read the books, studied the process, and still, what you want isn’t showing up.

Or maybe it is, but progress is reeeally slow.

Frustrating isn’t it.

Lets uncover the energetic terms of what happening here.

First of all, we know that aligning with the vibration of what we visualize is the way forward. We imagine what we want to create and it feels good – for that moment.

According to the manifesting method described by Abraham Hicks, it’s the maintenance of our ability to feel good that keeps us open and in the flow to receive.

Emotions and feelings like joy, fun, inspiration, happiness and love are high vibrational feelings – we describe them as “lighthearted” and feel “giddy and high” when we experience them.

High vibrational energy moves freely and easily, fueling our internal batteries so that we feel connected, in the flow and more importantly, open to the next experience.


So if feeling good and in the flow helps us to manifest, what needs to happen for us to create this?

As this is a very personal question, its time to get your pen and paper ready and jot down your thoughts.

Start by asking yourself the following:

  • What activities bring me most fun and joy?
  • What films, books, stories or situations make me most happy?
  • Who do I love hanging out with?

If you’re struggling to remember, take walk down memory lane and recall how you spent your time when you were a kid.

When I was little, I was obsessed by witches, fairies and magic, which is funny considering that now, I work with energy as a healer and coach people to create change and transformation, considered by many as *magic*.

  • Did you lose hours drawing monsters and fairy tales?
  • Did you construct amazing cardboard castles and forts?
  • Did you enjoy writing wondrous stories or maybe dress up and perform them?

Really experience the fun in these memories, the inquisitive joy in discovering something new, the happiness in completing your creative projects, the pride in showing your Mum and dad what you’d created.


In many ways we were much wiser as kids.

We naturally connected to the possibilities of trying new things, the challenge, the discovery, searching for the fun, and of trying out new ways of being.

And then we grew up, somehow forgetting how important it is to invest in regularly feeling good and having fun.


Now for the challenge!

How as busy adults with all our responsibilities and commitments can we bring more fun to our lives so that we can consistently raise our vibration and make manifesting work for us?


Take a look at the list you created earlier and ask yourself:

“ What needs to happen for me to create more fun in my life?”

This simple question fires up your creative subconscious mind to come up with solutions.

You’ve already provided the goal by recalling all your fun memories and feeling how good it felt to enjoy creating, discovering and playing.

And just like when you’re trying to recall, “ That actor, you know! The one in that film!” you need to just let go, relax and accept that your brain is working on it.

And just as you’re getting on with doing something boring and mundane *poof* – Your brain begins providing the hows – how to bring more fun into your life, and importantly, more often.

Maybe it’s changing how you do your current activities but in a fun way.

Maybe its suddenly noticing a new dance class near your work or deciding to meet up with an old friend.

Maybe it’s dressing up in a wig and sunglasses and slamming on some loud disco music to do your vacuuming.


As a bonus, see if you can create a list of all the activities you could do to feel good.

They needn’t cost anything; they just make you feel good.

Here are some examples from my own list (NB: combining activities can be even more fun!)


  • Enjoying a long hot candlelit bubble bath with my favourite essentials oils
  • Stroking my cat
  • Waking up early to peacefully enjoy a cup of my favourite tea, outside, in my favourite comfy chair, enjoying my garden.
  • Enjoying a long warm shower after a long day and treating myself to a home pedicure with homemade essential oils massage.
  • Watching one of my favourite uplifting films curled up on the sofa with my favourite furry blanket and a cup of tea and a biscuit (FYI, Working Girl inspires great motivation!).
  • Enjoying action-painting on a large canvas while listening to my favourite music and dancing (much to the amusement of my fellow resident artist friends!)
  • Cooking while rocking out around the kitchen to loud music
  • Wearing a special “clever thinking bandana” when sitting down to do work on the computer.


Start small if you need, but set the intention to commit to doing just one of these activities a day and start to notice how your life begins to change, in fun ways!


Do YOU accept the challenge?

Try it for a week and begin to notice how much easier your manifesting becomes.

Don’t forget to comment below on your successes!

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Happy manifesting!


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