Earthing (also known as grounding) is the physics of connecting ourselves to the earth’s surface so that our body can resonate to the same natural energy frequency.

The Earth’s natural electrical frequency occurs at around 7.82 Hz which happens to be the same as our brain waves in a relaxed state. This is the frequency of being in nature and being in balance.

Our body’s physiology relies on the functional exchange of negatively and positively charged molecules so that chemical and electrical messages can be sent and received. This ensures our body functions properly and is able to repair and heal itself. You may have had some of your own electrical signals measured at the doctor’s surgery or hospital, which include ECG of the heart and EEG of brainwave patterns.

These and other electrical activity in the body occur naturally at very low-level voltage.

Man made electrical interference

With an increase in technological development, we are now regularly using many electrical items in our homes and businesses.

Many of us own smart phones, Wi-Fi routers, kitchen appliances, mobile home phones, baby monitors, and many more electrical devices that require direct access to electricity and work with wireless technology.

The electrical and magnetic fields these devices emit are much higher in energy than those that occur naturally in our body or in nature, and over exposure to these fields is being shown to interfere with our body’s ability to heal, regenerate and fight off disease. Over exposure, without adequate grounding, has been shown to increase the body’s inflammatory response and increase red blood cell “clumping” thereby inhibiting the healing process.



Being exposed to higher energy electro-magnetic fields (EM fields) raises our body’s background voltage to match that of the surrounding energy.

Knowing this, it’s therefore most important to reduce the exposure to these fields in our sleeping area. We spend up to third of our lifetime asleep and much of the body’s regenerative processes happen in this time. If sleep is disturbed or we are exposed to high levels of EMF, this process is compromised and we become sick.

Decreasing the amount of electrical items around your bed will reduce exposure as the electrical fields from these devices are shown to weaken with distance. This means moving all electrical appliances from around your bed, including mobile phones, radios, and electrical alarm clocks, to a safer distance of 2 metres or more.

But how do we discharge the high electrical charge we have already picked up from our environment?

If you are able to get out to an area in nature, the beach, the sea or a garden, away from most man made EM fields, great! Go take off your shoes and step out onto the sand, grass or soak your feet in the sea for while. Regular discharging is better if it’s practical to do so.

If on the other hand,  you live in a highly urbanized area, and can’t get out to be in nature, there is an alternative.

Earthing or grounding sheets and patches are cotton and polyester fabric sheets interwoven with fine stainless steel or silver stands. The sheet come with an earthing cable which you can then plug into a nearby socket, no mains electricity is used as all components are carbon. These sheets can then be used in your bed while you sleep or smaller versions can be used on chairs. Earthing patches are also available for specific treatment of chronic pain areas.

Once earthed, the sheet or patch will then simulate the same electrical discharging process we experience when out in nature.


The pictures above show the healing process for a 48-year-old female with significant chronic bilateral knee pain (resulting from a 6-year-old injury). The thermographic images were taken before and after the 30 minute treatment and show a drastic reduction in chronic inflammation. After the initial exposure to Earthing, the patient reported a 20% reduction in pain and after 12 weeks of regular Earthing, she reported an incredible 90% reduction in pain.

Earthing is a proven process to reduce chronic inflammation and the discomfort of inflammatory disease, and with regular use reduces the effects of EMf pollution.

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Happy reconnecting!

Catherine x




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