Everything about your business says something about you, from the copy you write and the graphic design to the style and frequency of your direct communication with potential clients.

These messages communicate the quality level your business offers, the value for money and helps people make a judgment as to whether they want to engage with you, or not.

Here are some top tips for making sure you communicate the best version of your business.


  • Make sure your copy is clear and simple, easy to read and accurately descriptive of your business ethos and services. Avoid industry jargon, acronyms, and overly complex language terms. Your potential clients do not know what you know so aim to explain the value of your services in simple terms, as a matter of fact and outline what the client can expect to gain from your product or service. Offer solutions to their problems.


  • Spell-check everything, and then check again and again. It’s human to make the odd spelling or grammatical mistake, but don’t let these errors such as “your” and “you’re” get in the way of attracting your better quality clients. Attention to detail is a quality measure and highly prized by High Quality Clients so allow correct spelling and grammar to speak for you and prove that you also care about the little things.


  • Invest in yourself. If you have to choose where to spend the money, investing in professional photos is always money well spent. Professional headshots can be used in all your online media from your website to Facebook to Linkedin. If your budget doesn’t stretch that far, look to find an amateur photographer or budding photographer friend who can help out. Offer to exchange services as a means of “payment” if funds are really tight.


  • Always display a friendly picture of yourself on your website – people love to know who they are dealing with and studies have shown that using smiling images on your branding improves engagement and builds trust (vital for attracting potential new High Quality Clients)


Direct Communication

  • Always make it a priority to answer client interest and queries as quickly as possible. This shows potential High Quality Clients you care about their issue and shows you respect their time and effort in reaching out to you.


  • Set clear expectations and boundaries from the start by creating Terms and Conditions of your services. This basic but simple document gives your business an immediate working structure and keeps you clear on why you do what you do. If you are clear on why and how you work others will be too and respect your clarity.


These top tips are a great starting point to set the professional tone of your company and show prospective new clients that you mean business.

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