Catherine Garner

Business Mentoring, Consultancy and Coaching

Health and Wellbeing

I believe… That business success is born from a passion to solve a problem using logic, creativity and the human desire to help others That creating a life you love while working for yourself is absolutely possible for everyone That we all have an untapped personal wealth of capabilities just waiting to be unleashed That there is a perfect match of potential clients just as eager to discover you and your business

A little more about me - My difficult decision - I had a choice to make. To follow my heart and study Art and Creativity, or to follow my head (and my parents wishes) and study Science and Logic. My head won. I followed down the path to discover the world of cause and effect, analysis and physiology and began my nursing career in Orthopaedic and Trauma surgery. After a few frustrating years of seeing where healthcare needed improving, I began studying complementary health and personal development and set up a private surgical and medical practice with my surgeon partner. I learned very quickly how to match the high quality, person centred healthcare WE would want to experience with a large number of clients eager to heal their bodies in a nurturing five star setting. Our practice quickly became very popular and our integrated health programme for rapid recovery earned us a nationally recognized award in healthcare innovation. In three years we became the highest earning practitioners in the private hospital we worked with. As news of our success spread, I was headhunted to manage other private health clinics and consulted for others. This is one the proudest times of my life but also the hardest. As a couple we faced working together for more than 12 hours a day, most days of the week. We also faced a mountain of debt from my partner’s medical training so I had to very quickly learn the most efficient ways to start and build a business, while we both worked two jobs, and shared raising his four children. I learned a great deal from that experience and despite the fear, uncertainty and long hours, I discovered hidden talents for organization, efficiency, money management and marketing.

A little more about me - The Secret to happiness- After many years of investing everything I had into the wellbeing of others, I faced separation from my partner and then the business that I had worked so hard to create. At the face of potentially losing everything, I decided that it was time to listen to my heart for a change. In 2012, I moved to Barcelona to study Art. After a 2 year sabbatical, although creatively fulfilled, I was feeling lost after giving up my career. I needed to find a new direction and passion for work. I had tapped into an undiscovered love of Art and Communication and noticed that this deeper level of human understanding, along with my passion for integrated health and business, would be a useful blend of resources for struggling business owners. I wanted to design a mentoring service with all the most efficient business and marketing advice I wish I had received, when I needed it the most: in the beginning. Starting a business you love is the easy part but growing an efficient and fulfilling business, which makes a difference in the world AND provides a profitable income, takes a special blend of logic, creativity and a passion to help others.

A little more about me - Here and Now- Today, I run my consulting business helping people to gain confidence, authentically connect with their community, and thrive as business owners. Since diving into healthcare, business and self-development 20 years ago, I’ve spent the last 10 years helping people efficiently grow heart-centered and profitable businesses, while giving back to their community. I work privately with clients who are motivated to provide a high-impact service that makes a positive difference in the world, while reaching their full business potential.