Catherine Garner

Wellbeing Consultant

Natural health, empowered self-care and wellbeing is my passion and has been the focus of my life and career for over 18 years.

With a background in nursing, business and complementary therapies I gained my expertise through personal experience.

Training in and utilising various mind body techniques, I have experienced first hand the deep transformative power of clearing negative beliefs around health, relationships, money and transformative self-growth.

I've used these techniques to clear unhealthy relationships patterns and attracted the love of my life. I've also uncovered and cleared limiting beliefs about my health and naturally reversed chronic disease. I have also transformed an unhealthy money mindset which kept me stuck and in debt for over 7 years, into an abundance mindset, allowing the manifestation of thousands of pounds.

Growing an awareness of unconscious limiting beliefs and using transformative mind-body techniques has changed my life. It has allowed me to dramatically reduce the emotional stress around each problem which has in turn transformed each challenge from a problem into a solution.

I currently live in Barcelona with my fiancé and two cats supporting women in releasing financial challenges and promoting ultimate selfcare and wellbeing.