16 August 2016

Help! Manifesting what I want is taking too long!

How often have you found yourself saying this? You’ve read the books, studied the process, and still, what you want isn’t showing up. Or maybe it is, but progress is reeeally slow. Frustrating isn’t it. Lets uncover the energetic terms of what happening here. Please follow and like us:

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15 May 2016

The Five Feng Shui areas crucial for wealth and prosperity (Part 2)

Last week, I introduced the top Feng Shui Areas to look at for improving your finances, now we are going to look at how! As a quick refresher, the factors affecting wealth fall under 3 main categories: • Generating wealth – Salary payments or regular income from work. • Accumulating wealth – Money arriving from […]

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26 April 2016

The 5 Feng Shui areas crucial for wealth and prosperity

Many people believe that in Feng Shui terms, there is only one particular area in your home associated to wealth, however, there are actually FIVE main areas which can affect your financial position and ability to prosper. In Feng Shui terms, money can be looked at in different ways with goal always being to balance. […]

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