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The Financial Freedom Programme

change your mind, change your body, change your life

Financial problems big or small challenge us at the deepest level. If the problem persists, it can feel like it's taking over your life, making you feel miserable, stressed out and overwhelmed,

Studies have shown that stress and a negative money mindset inhibit our ability to recognise new opportunities, keeping us stuck and struggling to make ends meet.

Dealing with the emotional stress, reducing tension and instilling a healthier money mindset allows the body to relax, the mind to reset, preparing us for growth and opportunity for the future.

Frequently asked questions

Anyone feeling overwhelmed by the stress of financial challenge, wanting to reduce anxiety and invest in creating a healthy new money mindset.

You get my undivided, personal attention and expertise to help you reduce and manage emotional stress around your finances. I use proven processes to clear your personal subconscious beliefs around money and programme the mind for a healthy money mindset. I work with proven and effective self-help practices which combine physical, mental and verbal mind-body techniques and acupressure points (NLP and EFT) for lasting change. For a deeper and transformative change, bespoke Space Clearing services are also available (see Menu).

The programme consists of 4 weekly sessions (one hour every week) either via Skype or in person. The combined techniques often offer immediate stress relief in most cases and begin the mindset retraining process. The degree of relief and financial improvement is greatly improved with your openness and willingness to commit to the process of safe, self-discovery and emotional healing combined with follow-up action on your part.

Successful introduction of new and improved thinking habits takes the brain 21-28 days. The 4 week programme ensures the best opportunity for these new wealth habits to remain in lasting importance, making it easier for you to maintain healthy financial decision making.

The 4 Week Financial Freedom Programme, consists of 4 weekly 1:1 sessions specifically designed for your personal health and wealth improvement. The value is £375 (€440)

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