Feeling financially stuck in a rut?

Clear doubt, frustration and fear around money


The Money Mindset for Business Programme

change your mind, change your wealth

Financial issues in business, big or small challenge us at the deepest level. When we experience periods of lack, be it clients or income, self doubt begins to creep in and take over, making you feel miserable, stressed out and overwhelmed,

Studies have shown that stress and a negative money mindset inhibit our ability to recognise new opportunities, keeping us stuck and struggling to make ends meet.

Dealing with the emotional stress, reducing tension and instilling a healthier money mindset allows the body to relax, the mind to reset, and prepares us for growth and opportunity for the future.

Frequently asked questions

This programme is designed for creative entrepreneurs and health practitioners feeling overwhelmed by the stress of financial challenge, wanting to reduce anxiety and invest in creating a healthy new money mindset.

We work together to explore, uncover and clean your personal money story. We will work through a process of exploratory questions, especially designed to uncover your unconscious limiting beliefs and use proven processes to transform these into a healthy money mindset opening you to opportunity and growth. I teach you proven and effective acupressure points techniques combined with powerful language scripts (NLP and EFT) to help you better manage anxiety and stress and help reinforce the new positive money-mindset for lasting change.

The programme consists of 4 weekly sessions (one hour every week) either via Skype or in person. The combined techniques often offer immediate stress relief in most cases and begin the mindset retraining process. The degree of relief and financial improvement is greatly improved with your openness and willingness to commit to the process of safe, self-discovery and emotional healing combined with follow-up action on your part.

It takes our brain a minimum 21-28 days to change patterns in thinking and to create new and lasting habits. The 4 week programme gives you the best opportunity to create and maintain a healthy money mindset.

The 4 Week Money Mindset for Business Programme consists of 4 weekly 1:1 coaching sessions (1 hour each session) specifically designed to transform your unconscious self-sabotaging behaviour around money and business success, while taking the stress out of managing money. The value is £385 (€440 or $499)

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