Space Clearing

Transforming the energy of your space

Creating the space for positive change begins with clearing out the energy of old ideas, habits and patterns. Revive the sacred in your space and rediscover the true feeling of home and empowerment.

What people say

  • "Catherine is a lovely person with a very positive energy. It is easy to talk to her and during our chat she explained extremely well what the concept of Space Clearing involves. As a result, she left me very interested in the idea of clearing and revitalizing energies in buildings. We later agreed that she would carry out the purification of a whole apartment building for me. The ceremony went very well! These days I feel that the improved energy is still noticeable in the whole building. For me it was a great experience and I can only recommend Catherine and her skills."

  • "From the minute I met Catherine, I felt she was an intuitive, positive, intellectual, wise, happy, beautiful person and easy to communicate with. I loved it when she came to our flat, which we were trying to sell. We hadn´t had people looking at our flat for a while but once Catherine had done the space clearing, the second client bought the flat! It felt like magic! Catherine is magic! Thank you!"

    Nunu Roney, Massage Therapist and owner of "The Vital Touch", Barcelona
  • "Before having the space clearing I was feeling quite blocked with the flow of my work, and romance. The space clearing helped me feel more relaxed and I felt a clear energy in my home. Taking away blockage. There was more of a flow in my work and I also found love with a very special person. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family. It's leaves harmony in your home and I'm more happier and relaxed than before. It's a beautiful ceremony".

    Capris Kaur, Luxury Real Estate, Barcelona

What is Space Clearing?

A Space Clearing is the ancient sacred ceremonial practice of clearing and transforming the energetic atmosphere of a physical space. This sacred process transforms the energy and atmosphere into a nurturing and personally supportive environment. When you nurture you space, you nurture yourself and excel in being you.

Each bespoke ceremonial process is unique to the person, the people and the space. A selection of special ceremonial tools, sage, Tibetan bells, singing bowls, feathers, flowers, and sacred items representative of the natural earth elements is uniquely combined in this ancient ceremonial practice.

Space Clearing offers immediate transformation of the energies in your home. It sets a focused intention for the highest purpose of the space as a sacred home and revitalises it's energy for weeks and months to come. It opens your connection to more peace, joy and happiness as you begin to notice where and how you want to implement positive change in your life.

We meet first either in person or via skype for an informal chat and take it from there. Space Clearing ceremonies are proven to follow the scientific concept of quantum energy principles which means they can be conducted in person or from a distance with equal success.

This is for you if...

Sometimes we can get caught up in a specific problem and feel like it never ends. Clearing the energetic reminder can help create the shift you need to move on.

Whether recovering from long or short term illness, or experiencing overwhelm, the journey to wellness can be made a lot easier when your home is energetically cleansed and re-aligned to provide maximum healing support.

Accepting and working through all the issues brought up by romantic separation can leave you feeling unsettled and exhausted. If you also remain in the home, the unsupportive familiarity can make it difficult to move on . Resetting your space can clear the reminders of what didn't work and create a new focus, welcoming in the love you deserve.

Are you looking to move but feel stuck or maybe you need to sell your home for other reasons. Clearing the energetic attachment to property can help towards preparing it for new owners and support you in moving on with your life. Or maybe you've just moved in and it doesn't quite feel "right". Noted as one of the most stressful life events, find out how to get your very own best fresh start, and get that homely feeling.

What people say

  • "Catherine performed a distance Clearing and Blessing ceremony for me a few months back when I was embarking on some professional initiatives that needed to see the light of day and garner some public note. Not long after her beautifully curated and executed ceremony with the aforementioned intentions, my professional efforts started to garner the kind of publicity I had only dreamed of. Since her ceremony, my work, career visibility and clarity of professional vision has incrementally grown. Catherine showed great care and attention to detail with my goals and aspirations in her work and it translated in truly magical results."

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